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Experts always point out that early planning and implementation of mine closure and rehabilitation can reduce risks and costs during mine closure.

The Salkhit Mine Closure Plan Pilot (the Project) jointly implemented by “Mongolia: Enhancing Resource Management through Institutional Transformation” (MERIT) project funded by the Government of Canada and Erdenes Silver Resources LLC emphasizes the importance of conducting closure planning from the early stages of mining operation. The key stakeholders meeting was organized to provide progress update on Stage 2 Salkhit Mine Closure Plan pilot project, the stakeholder engagement strategy, and the environmental field studies conducted at Salkhit mine site on 26 August 2022.

The meeting was attended by Jennifer Adams, CESO Country Director, Altangerel R, Project Director of MERIT, Erdenechimeg R, Stakeholder Relations and Technical Advisor of MERIT, Mike Poscente, President of CPP Environmental and representatives from Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry, Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Mineral Resources and Petroleum Authority of Mongolia , Water Agency, and General Agency of Specialized Inspection, and local representatives including Governor’s Office of Dundgovi aimag, Environment and Tourism Department of Dundgovi  aimag, Specialized Inspection Department of Dundgovi  aimag, Governor’s Office of Gurvansaikhan soum, Citizen Representative’s Khural of Gurvansaikhan soum and Chuluut Bag.

Stage 1 of this Project ran from September 2021 to April 2022, and included a regulatory review, environmental site assessment report, development of mine closure goals and objectives through stakeholder engagement, and a risk assessment.

Stage 2 of the Project commenced last June. A multi-disciplinary team of Mongolian consultants has been hired to write the mine closure plan, which will incorporate Canadian and international best practices, adapted to the Mongolian mining context and laws. Informing the importance and objectives of a project to the local community and building a consensus among stakeholders is a key aspect of any projects implemented in mineral resource sector.

Stage 2: The Salkhit Mine Closure Plan Pilot Project will include monthly key stakeholder meetings, during which representatives from MMHI, MET, GASI, and provincial governments will be kept informed of the Project’s progress. Stakeholder consultation sessions will be held with local government representatives and local community members and herders of Gurvansaikhan soum. Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry considers that the Salkhit Mine Closure Plan is meant to set the benchmark for mine closure planning in Mongolia and is a key priority for MMHI.