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Mining the Resources, Minding the Future

Our first issue was in November 2008 to encourage a disciplined debate on development. We all wish for it and we  all have our  different  ideas about how to hasten it. The MMJ wants to critically examine these ideas with the help of adequate and correct information.



The Mongolian Mining Journal


Founding upon the opinions and conclusions by readers, journalistic critics and sectoral professionals, the Mongolian Mining Journal is hereby awarded the title of the Best Journal of 2008, for its timely and insightful addressing of Mongolia’s inexorable goal to rapidly develop the mining sector of this country, who today accedes to the higher horizon of its development and prosperity, and for its editorial consistency and professionalism as a model modern trade journal in contemporary Mongolian journalism.


Federal Union of Mongolian Journalists
Ulaanbaatar, December 22, 2008


The Best Journal of the year 2012 


Quality Journalism
Skillful Journalist

“Bolor Uzeg” awards, initiated by the Academy of Mongolian  Radio, Television and also jointly hosted by Mongolian Journalists’ Union and Mongolian News websites Association, selects the best journalists and the best organization in the journalism industry per year. Now this event has been hosted traditionally for not a few years. The Mongolian Mining Journal team selected as the Best Journal of the year 2012 in the journalism and won Bolor Uzeg award.

Mongolian journalism industry’s best journal in 2013


Within the 100th anniversary of the National Journalism in Mongolia, “The awards, selecting the Bests of Mongolian journalism industry in 2013” has organized by Mongolian Journalists’ Union. This event has named 7 organizations in the category that “Best organization of the Year” and 9 journalists in “the Best Journalist of the Year” respectively. First professional mining magazine - Mongolian Mining Journal announced as a “Best Journal of Mongolia in 2013”.


Precursor of the Journalism certification allocated

Mongolian Mining Journal has received ‘The Precursor of the Mongolian Journalism’ approbation. In the approval, “As for a professional organization, Mongolian Journalists’ Union asserted the journal as Precursor, which is immortalized in the history of the national journalism, based on The Mongolian Mining Journal magazine was asserted by the team of journalistic analysis as the first private professional mining magazine of Mongolia. B. Galaarid, President  of Mongolian Journalists’ Union. 2012.12.12.” noted.
The first issue of the Mongolian Mining Journal was published on November 8th, 2008.



Brief introduction to the Mongolian Mining Journal

The Mongolian Mining Journal (MMJ), now eight years old, was the first bilingual journal to provide information on the Mongolian mining industry. It has won accolades from the very beginning, being named, in 2008, by the Mongolian Journalists" Union as the nation"s best journal. At present, the MMJ is regularly mentioned at investors" conferences as the first source of Mongolian mining and economic news.

An experienced team of journalists covers all facets of mining and relevant economic  issues. Its members have won several awards in recognition of their journalism skills. The journal also brings to readers information on mining events and conferences from all over the world. Among such events reported personally by MMJ journalists have been the Energy Resources (MMC) IPO at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and the first meeting of the International Atomic Agency after the accident at Fukushima on safety in atomic plants.

Apart from news and interviews with policy makers and those in the news, every issue of the MMJ carries pieces giving the background  to political and economic developments and analyzing  their likely impact on the mining sector. The MMJ always seeks the views of professional experts, lawyers, academics, foreign observers and research companies so that all reports are accurate and give divergent views.

Issues of the MMJ reach international readers, individual and corporate, through Dow Jones" Factiva channel. MMJ publications and broadcasting programs can be accessed atwww.mongolianminingjournal.com. Programs prepared at MMJ’s Hugjil Hutulbur studio are broadcast through several channels and command a wide viewership. These give news of corporate achievements and developments and of mining-related conferences. A series presenting new mining technology has become very popular.

Since 2010, the annual Mongolian Mining Journal Awards ceremony has become a notable event in miners’ calendars. The awards are presented in 5 categories, and companies vie for them with enthusiasm as they know the choice is made on merit, and on merit only.

The MMJ has an affiliate non-governmental organisation named Journalism for Development, devoted to improving the skills of young journalists specilalising in mining and economic subjects. Details can be seen at www.journalism.mn.

The Mongolian Mining Journal is committed to independent journalism and does not seek favours from any company, politician or foreign investor. Our first issue came out at a time of hardship for the Mongolian economy. Now the country’s development trajectory is irreversible, and so is that of our growth.




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